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So ask focused questions instead of making statements. Encourage your students to develop strategies that allow them to cope without you. For example, show them how to organise information in their notebooks in a logical fashion so that they end up with a sound reference book, instead of asking you all the time. You can find lesson planning templates in Appendix A. On your lesson plan, indicate who flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download speaking to whom and for how long.

Plan TTT teacher talking time for no more than 30 per cent of the lesson time. This helps maintain a good balance. Avoid rambling and overly polite language. Try not to jump in too soon. Your students may just get there if you allow them a little more time to answer the question. Once you get the students working in pairs and groups, try not to butt in.

Just listen and make notes. Chapter 5 Standing in the Spotlight: This chapter concentrates on the Presentation stage of the lesson and I show you what to include. The Presentation stage of the lesson is the shortest stage, and happens right at the beginning. The teacher explains the new words or grammar as thoroughly as possible using examples, definitions, pictures, tables and so on.

During this stage the students should get all the information they need to use the new piece of language well and complete the tasks that flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download in the Practice and Production stages. Eliciting means getting your students to tell you what they know by using questions instead of simply giving them the information.

In your mind you need to be several steps ahead of the students throughout the lesson. So the questions you ask should keep them mentally active and move them along to the next step. Elicitation questions are generally short and snappy. For example, ask the class how to spell words, for the meaning, for examples, for similar words and opposites, what they remember about a previously taught point, and so on. You can use props and pictures if they help to clarify the meaning or add interest. Putting Your Lesson Together The pros and cons of using this technique are set out in the following list, but most teachers find it very useful.

The pros first: Passively listening for extended periods is dull, so in EFL you rarely give lecture-style presentations. When you ask them questions they try to work things out spontaneously. This is a great skill because in the real world your students often have to take a stab at the meaning of words or sentences and may not have anyone there to explain.

So, being prepared to have a go and guess is a good habit. As the students should do most of the talking in a lesson, eliciting allows you to reduce TTT and instead, keep students interacting with you. Eliciting has a few drawbacks, though: Sometimes you have one student who has their hand up permanently, or who you know is pretty smart, so that one student ends up answering all the elicitation questions.

This is obviously annoying for everyone else. With these points in mind, follow a few suggestions when eliciting to make it a positive experience for your students: Chapter 5: Remember that one продолжить чтение the aims of eliciting is to increase student talking time.

Showing and telling — pictures and objects People learn in different ways. For example, some people learn well by listening auditory learningsome by movement and touch kinaesthetic learning and many people respond well to seeing things visual learning. These are some of the different learning styles.

So having variety in your presentations gives attention to these different styles and helps everyone succeed. Things visual learners love to see in a presentation include: Not just for primary school, flashcards are good fun for adults and children alike.

The traditional flashcard has a picture on the front and the equivalent word in writing on the back or below. By holding up one side of the card you can elicit the flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download on the other side. You can use flash cards for vocabulary groups such as jobs, food, animals, weather and hobbies.

Or how about having the infinitive verb form on the front, and the past simple and past participle on the back? Likewise, try having opposites front and back. A simple stick figure drawing is enough to make students smile and give them something to talk about. Celebrity photos seem to work particularly well in EFL lessons, perhaps because of the glamorous international flavour they give your lesson. Save old magazines, or even catalogues, as photographs are great for explaining the meaning of a word, or setting a context.

The term for real objects you use to help you teach. Students feel involved when they get to touch something or move it around. Realia works to reinforce learning for visual and kinaesthetic learners alike. I usually bring in a photograph of myself aged ten, dressed in school uniform and complete with dodgy 70s hairdo. First you find out if the students recognise you. Let them have a giggle and guess how old you are in the picture.

Then tell them that you had hobbies at that age and ask students to make suggestions about what they were. Show the clues like stamps or a skipping rope. Model cars and trains are useful when you explain transport words or describe directions left, right, forwards and so on.

Travelling along timelines and tenses In TEFL and in Western cultures in general, you represent time as a straight horizontal line showing the past on the left and the future to the right. With a timeline, you can show how tenses refer to an aspect of time and compare them. So timelines are most common in a presentation of a new tense. By using timelines you help students to understand the function of a tense — what it does basically.

However, you need to highlight the form of a tense or piece of grammar too. In other words, show exactly what it looks like.

Presenting to the Class Showing simple tenses When you want to show that an action is in a simple tense present simple, past simple, or future simple you put an individual point on the timeline with an X or a spot and label it, as in Figure Showing the simple, but hopefully PAST fun, future. Continuous tenses take more room. Putting Your Lesson Together You can use a similar method to show an action in the present perfect that started in the past but continues into the present.

The present perfect on a timeline. In Figurethe timeline shows two actions in the past so the students can see what happened first and what happened later. Not eat Figure Showing the past simple and perfect. You may need to alter the seating. Keep your board clutter-free at all costs. Rub off information you no longer flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download. Clean the board before and after each lesson.

Presenting to the Class Whatever you have on the board should be legible and logical. Some good practices for board work are: You can flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download the board quite a few ways to make meaning clearer through diagrams in the Presentation stage.

For example, use diagrams like the one in Figure подробнее на этой странице show clearly the relationship between items of vocabulary, including subordinate groups or categories. You can have students add words to each group to demonstrate that they understand.

Showing relationships on the board. Meat chicken Carbohydrates pasta 73 74 Part II: You could elicit from the students a ссылка на подробности for each box, for example. Diagram demonstrating how weather words relate. Depending on the topic, you can draw a chart or label a diagram to give visual input. For grammar presentations, charts and equations are flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download common.

In a lesson about asking questions, you can lay out the structure on the board this way: Why can Roger eat? Where will the girls stay? Try to keep talking as flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download write on the board. Otherwise the atmosphere in class goes flat because of the silence and the fact that your back is turned. So instead, you need to find out by getting the students to demonstrate understanding, usually through concept check questions.

Concept check questions are questions that test understanding. Sometimes you can do a straight, likefor-like substitution from one language to another.

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In this case the students translate in their heads by simply changing the label. However, checking a concept can be a challenging exercise when different cultural or religious perceptions are involved. For example, a bed may involve a mattress, headboard and base for some, a mat flrting the floor for узнать больше or a hammock for yet another culture.

Is a bed a piece of furniture or just a place flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download you sleep? Boundaries also exist between one word and another, and you need to define them. Concept check questions come wor various forms: If it is, the students can work at your pattern and just bluff. Offering students a range of possibilities is another good way to concept check. They really have to продолжение здесь about it and use their own words to explain.

Another approach is to flirtimg the students to actually do something to show they understand. A phrasal verb is a verb together lnaguage a preposition that has a new meaning, often different from the meaning of the verb by itself.

You can read more about phrasal verbs in Chapter If they do what you say you can tell that they understand.

flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download

Introducing Vocabulary When it comes to teaching vocabulary, the Presentation stage can include a combination of any of these things: How in formal it is. This can include transcription into phonemes, marking the stressed syllable and drilling repeating.

You can introduce больше информации words that come from the same root. Pictures, mimes, realia, board work and so on. A noun, a verb and so flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download. I talk about the parts of speech in Chapter Aim to teach only about pdv new words or phrases per lesson.

Students find it neginners difficult детальнее на этой странице absorb any more than that. Presenting to the Class Presentations for vocabulary lesson on bodies of water to meet certain standards: Mixed nationality class of six students studying English for workshrets education.

Photos of bodies of water.

Difficulty remembering which word is which. A Presentation procedure that takes 12 minutes follows these steps: Hold up a bottle of water. Ask students to take out their notebooks and brainstorm adjectives that can describe water, for one minute.

Give out pens and ask students to write their adjectives in the designated section on the board. Draw a puddle shape on the board.

Elicit from the students any ideas about what to call water in this shape. Make a tiny puddle of water on the desk to illustrate if possible. Now flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download the size of the body of water by drawing a child jumping in it, complete with splashes. Write the word, its part of speech and phonetic spelling on the board.

Highlight syntax. Have students fill in the blank: A puddle of. Draw the same puddle shape again but this time draw a couple of fish in it and a house nearby.

Highlight collocates and compound nouns. You can go through fish pond, freshwater pond, muddy pond make the picture on the board brown if you can. Include drilling and board work. Show how the name of the lake usually comes second — Lake Erie, for example. Putting Your Lesson Together You can use concept check questions such as: Why not? For example, Garda, Michigan, Windermere. Is there one in your country? How big is it? Show pertinent pictures and get descriptions from individual students.

Encourage them to use the adjectives already on the board. Sharing function and connotation When you explain vocabulary or grammar, you generally need to show how people use it.

For example, tall is a word for things or flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download of great height. However, some phrases and grammar are more open to interpretation. Take the word cheers.

Filling in students on functions When you teach language according to the situation you need it for, this is called a functional approach.

If you take a functional approach to teaching, you usually introduce the setting before you introduce the new piece of language. You focus not on the grammatical structures but simply on what you say in this particular context.

Even if you take a structural approach to the lesson, meaning that you teach particular grammar, you still need to show very clearly how a word or phrase is actually used in realistic situations.

Presenting to the Class Conveying connotations Certain words imply emotions or attitudes — they have connotations. Think of one of those famous supermodels. Which of these words would you associate with her? You need to point out whether a word is positive, negative or neutral, a compliment or an insult. Failure to do this can leave students embarrassed because they may come across as rude or over familiar.

Fish and. Teaching vocabulary in chunks In English some words are often grouped together and seem to have an especially close relationship.

These are called collocations. Going for more than one Look for opportunities to teach chunks of language. Instead of teaching just one word, try teaching two or three нажмите сюда at once.

One way of doing this is by highlighting collocations in reading texts. For example, ask students to underline all the occurrences of a particular word in a text and see which flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download words come before or after it each time. You can also reinforce collocations through multiple choice whereby you offer the students several logical possibilities to partner a word, but show that only one is the true match.

Putting Your Lesson Together Give readers choices to finish a sentence: The music blared, the engine roared. Brush your teeth, scrub the floor. Ideally situated, highly strung. Black tea, heavy make-up. Teaching certain words together Https://jingrans.gitlab.io/there/dating-naked-book-not-censored-no-blurs-men-meme-women-funny-pictures-1110.html you teach a particular word, you need to give students all the tools they need to actually use it.

With that in mind, take note of: Some words are so uncommon that they become almost meaningless without their collocates.

These are nouns made up of two words together. So you can teach similar compounds as one vocabulary group. For example, you can teach coffee table, dining table and kitchen table in the same lesson. Foremost are: Teaching posh words and slang Because people face such a wide range of situations in life, it makes sense to teach a wide range of language to meet them.

Tabloid and broadsheet newspapers provide great examples of how style can differ even when the subject matter is the same, as the following sample headlines about the same story show: I talk about connotation a few sections earlier and synonyms in the next section.

Choose the words frequently used in situations the students may encounter, whether slang or posh. In any case, everyone needs formal and informal language in order to reflect the different relationships in their lives. In your presentation, you can indicate this kind of information in brackets after the word: Talking about words that mean the same and opposites — synonyms and antonyms Using the antonym, or opposite, of a word is a very useful way to explain its https://jingrans.gitlab.io/there/dating-games-for-girls-that-are-teens-dating-games-download-1005.html. Synonyms, words that have exactly the same or similar meaning, are especially useful as students learn to expand their vocabulary.

Some examples are: Putting Your Lesson Together Use a little caution when using synonyms and antonyms because they sometimes fit flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download in particular circumstances. Presenting Grammar When you present grammar, usually one of the tenses in English, you include points such as: Show what the grammar actually looks like even when you manipulate it in different ways.

For instance: He had written it. He had not written it. Had he written it? Consider any features that you need to highlight and drill. Demonstrate exactly when you use the grammar by putting it in context.

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worlsheets Timelines help to represent this visually. Use realia or pictures as well as sentences to explain. A Presentation for a grammar lesson on bodies of water to meet certain criteria might consist of: Diagrams showing simple processes. Remembering the difference between active and passive forms. Presenting to the Class To teach this lesson, follow these steps: Ask students what to do. Then find out who likes ice in their drinks. Have the students tell you the procedure for making ice and write the stages on the board: Lead the students to get to the past participle of each of the verbs — put, placed and left.

I talk about past participles in Chapter Ask students to identify downloar object of the sentence in step one — water. Set out the equation for the present simple passive flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download the equation shows the necessary parts of the sentence in the right order: I talk about the present simple tense in Chapter Complete the examples for each stage by eliciting the words and writing them on the board: Demonstrate how to transform one sentence into a negative and one into a question on the board: Check that your students understand the concept by asking: Is it important?

How to handle the first stage is the focus of Chapter 5.

flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download

In this chapter, I tell you about the differences between the Practice and Ссылка на страницу stages and offer suggestions for activities.

Experts generally agree that people learn languages by listening before speaking. In a similar way, the class hears what you have to say and they begin to own the piece of language themselves.

Practising New Words The second stage of the lesson, called Читать статью, or flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download specifically, Controlled Practice, is an important period of transition for the students. During the Presentation stage, students are fairly passive as you explain the form and function of the new piece of language.

During the third Production stage students have freer expression. Https://jingrans.gitlab.io/there/flirting-with-disaster-molly-hatchet-album-cut-videos-youtube-videos-download-3835.html the practice stage, they repeat what they learned in a controlled situation before moving into the more active Production stage.

So in this part of the 86 Part II: Putting Your Lesson Together lesson you aim to get the students concentrating on the new words or grammar without them showing off everything else they know. The students take their first tentative steps at using the words to test whether they can get it right. Some of the many benefits of the Practice activities include: An example of a bad practice activity https://jingrans.gitlab.io/there/flirting-signs-on-facebook-images-free-youtube-free-2466.html Complete these sentences in the Present Perfect Example: Complete these sentences in the Present Perfect, using the verb in parentheses.

At the same time, by repeating the new language, students form new habits in the brain. That is to say, the students feel very supported. Chapter 6: Once engrained, bad habits are really difficult to root flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download. So while the students are practising, monitor closely. This practice is called controlled because of the limited range of what the students have to do, not because you stand over them commenting on flirting vs cheating movie review online game word.

That would be counter-productive. You need to step back and let them get on with it, but make notes. Keep the target language as priority though. After all, if you spend too much time going through errors in other areas, students may forget what the primary aim of the lesson is. Make your Practice activities long enough to allow you to go round and listen to everyone in the class.

And by the way, arrange the room so you can walk around as easily as flriting. Practising with the whole class first During Presentation you had the attention of the entire class hopefully. So the transition from Presentation to Practice is seamless if you continue to work with the entire group. This also allows you to offer correction that benefits flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download after all, the students are likely to make similar errors.

Doing practice activities with the whole class gives students tools for doing the activity that follows, because the practice activities serve as examples. Pairing up with a student Open pairs is one way of читать больше while you remain in control.

In an open pairs exercise, you ask a student questions or role play in full view and hearing of everyone else in the room. You can continue open pairs with two students as partners, but still in front of everyone else. You have slightly less control but still plenty of opportunity for correction — by you or the classmates. In Acrylics pdf flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download Andrew Forkner.

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Warnings Do not judge a person solely by their body language. Edit Related wikiHows. Handbook of communication and social interaction skills. Psychology Press. Wide eyes and an open mouth enhance facial threat. Cognition and Pd, 21 3 How do you look when feeling anxious?

Facial displays of anxiety. Personality flirtlng Individual Differences,21 2 Emerging insights into lnaguage nature and function of pride. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 16 3 Relational message interpretations of touch, conversational distance, and posture.

Journal of Nonverbal behavior, 15 4 Toward a theory of personal space expectations and their violations. Human Communication Research, 2 2 Strangers meet: Laughter and nonverbal signs of interest нажмите чтобы увидеть больше opposite-sex encounters. Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, 14 4 Nonverbal communication in human interaction.

Cengage Flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download. Attention to Eye Contact in the West and East: Autonomic Responses and Evaluative Ratings. Indoctrinability, ideology, and warfare: Communication of individual emotions by spontaneous facial expressions.

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 50 4 Article Summary X If you want to get better at reading body language, look for emotional cues that will tell you how someone is feeling, like v-shaped brows, wide eyes, and crossed arms, which may indicate that a person is angry. Did this summary help you? Featured Articles Body Language In other languages: Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 6, times.

Did this article help you? Cookies make wikiHow better. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Co-Authored By:. Paul Chernyak, LPC.

Beginnes 29, A Anonymous Nov 14, I loved all the "OMG! Rated this article: BD Boris Dayneko Aug 11, The article is like any you post here. Interesting, understandable, straight to point, and the viewer sees downlload message you are trying to point out are in the paintings.

Very artistic! Any questions you have, you get the right answer! Well now you know! AV Https://jingrans.gitlab.io/there/flirting-with-forty-movie-download-2016-hindi-2017-30.html Van Oct 23, Put yourself in their shoes and try and understand their emotional state. Once you have begijners, then proceed to look at their body movement, it tends to be a lot easier this way. A Anonymous Thar 23, I was hoping to learn something new but workheets some people who have difficulty in social situations, this article would be helpful, especially moes they are interacting within a culture that differs from their own.

E Eli Jul 7, Helped me movew different nonverbal clues to confuse people for the fun of it! C Catey Jun 6, There are wrinkles in the forehead in the center between the brows, not across.

The upper eyelids are raised, but lower eyelids are tense and drawn up, usually causing whites to show in the upper eye but not lower.

The lips are usually tensed or drawn back, the mouth may be open and nostrils may be flared. Identify anger. An angry face will show eyebrows that are lowered and drawn together, eyes staring hard or bulging, with vertical lines appearing between the brows and the lower eyelids tensed. Nostrils may be flared, and the mouth is either firmly pressed together with the lips drawn down at the corners, or in a читать больше shape as languae shouting.

Also, the lower jaw juts out. Part 1 Quiz What emotion is someone likely feeling if only half of their mouth is raised and their eyes are narrowed? Happiness Not quite! Hate Right! Sadness Not exactly! Fear Nope! Watch for a macro expression. Вот ссылка macro expression is when we make a face that goes along with a certain feeling and it lasts anywhere between.

These types of expressions are made worksheetx we are alone, or with close family or friends. Macroexpressions are worksheefs easy to see if you know what to look for in a person.

Notice a microexpression. Movws microexpression is a shortened flirhing of an emotional facial expression. They happen so fast that if you blink you can miss them. Microexpressions are usually the sign of concealed emotions. Sometimes the emotions are not necessarily being concealed, they are just rapidly processed.

Research suggests that micro expressions happen because facial expressions cannot be completely voluntarily controlled, even if the person is trying to control their emotions.

Start looking for these expressions in others. Being able to read facial expressions benefits people in many different professions, especially those who work with the public, such as health professionals, teachers, researchers, and business people, downolad well as anyone interested in improving their personal relationships. When having a conversation with someone, see if you can first establish a flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download in their face.

The baseline is their flirrting facial muscle activity when feeling little or no emotion. Then, throughout the course of the conversation, look for macro- or microexpressions and see how well these qorksheets with what the person is saying. Part 2 Quiz What is the difference between a microexpression and a macroexpression? The length of time they last. The size of the expression. They involve different parts of the face. All of the above. Confirm your observations carefully.

Keep ,oves mind that being able to read facial expressions does not automatically reveal what caused the emotion, only that the emotion may be occurring. You should be sure that someone feels very comfortable langugae you before asking direct questions about their emotions.

If you do know someone well, it may be fun and helpful to ask directly about their feelings if you suspect a certain emotion. It could be a kind of game. Be patient. Give people time to express their feelings when they are ready to. People have many different ways of communicating. Just because you believe someone is feeling a certain way, does not mean they are necessarily ready to discuss it with you. People do tend to get emotional when lying for a variety of flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download Unless you flidting a professional trained in being able to detect lying, such as a law enforcement agent, assuming that someone is lying and then acting on flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download assumption may damage flirting moves that work body language worksheets for beginners pdf download relationship ссылка на продолжение that person.

Always use caution when reading facial expressions unless you are a professional.